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How to add a Waypoint?

If you need to make multiple stops on your route or you wish to travel via a specific place/road, you can add waypoints to your route.

Waypoints can be added to the route in multiple ways:

1. Searching for the address

  1. Create a route
  2. After creating the route, tap on the point mark with + sign (on the bottom panel).
  3. Search for your desired address and choose it.
  4. After selecting the address, tap on the „Travel via“ button.

2. Select the place/address directly on the map

  1. Create a route.
  2. After the route is created, find the desired place/address directly on the map.
  3. Tap on the desired place on the map.
  4. After the place/address is selected, tap on the „Travel via“ button.

How to change the order of the waypoints.

If you add multiple waypoints to your route, you can change the order of the waypoints by following these steps:

  1. After a route with multiple waypoints is created, go to the settings button on the bottom bar.
  2. All of the waypoints will be displayed in the route itinerary (blue points – waypoints).
  3. Choose a certain waypoint and then tap either on „Move waypoint up“ or „Move waypoint down“.

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