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How To Backup Your Favorites, POIs And Routes?

It could happen that your navigation will break down for some reasons and that the only solution will be to complete uninstall the application, delete the Sygic Truck folder and install the application again.

In this case it would be a good idea to do a backup of your Points Of Interest, Routes and Favorites so you would not have to create them again. This simple guide could save quite a lot of your precious time.

Favorites are stored in folder /SygicTruck/Res/db as items.dat.

Routes are saved in /SygicTruck/Res/Itinerary (one file is one route).

Custom POIs are stored in /SygicTruck/Maps/Rupi/. Points of Interest are stored for each country separately.

You need to make a backup of all these folders, otherwise they will be lost.

Custom icons for Points of Interest are stored in /SygicTruck/res/icons/rupi.

Please make a backup of these folders. After a complete re-installation of the navigation, you need to copy them back to the same place.

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