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How to backup your favorites, POIs and routes?

If you opened this article, there are 3 likely reasons why you did so:

• You bought a new device.
• You are going to reinstall Sygic Truck Navigation
• You want to reset your device to the factory settings

Using a file manager app or via a computer, please copy the following files and folders:

Internal memory:

SygicTruck/Android/settings2.dat – app settings
SygicTruck /Res/db/items.dat – saved favorites
SygicTruck /Res/itinerary/ - saved routes


Android/data/com.sygic.truck/files/SygicTruck/Android/settings2.dat – app settings
Android/data/com.sygic.truck/files/SygicTruck /Res/db/items.dat – saved favorites
Android/data/com.sygic.truck/files/SygicTruck /Res/itinerary/ - saved routes

Tip: These folders are located either in the internal memory or on the SD card of your device. This depends on the storage location that you chose for Sygic Truck Navigation during the installation.

If you have a new device, install Sygic Truck Navigation and simply put the files and folders into the same place on your new device.

If you are going to reinstall Sygic Truck Navigation, first copy the files and folders into a separate place and after the new installation of the app, simply put them back to the original place.

If you want to reset your device to the factory settings, please make sure you copy the files and folders either on the SD card or on to any other device, since the internal memory of your phone will get deleted. Afterwards, simply install the Sygic Truck Navigation again and put the files and folders back to the original place.

Tip: Before you start copying the files, please make sure Sygic Truck Navigation is properly turned off and it is not running in the background.

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