Sygic Truck Navigation

Offline GPS navigation for trucks & RV with maps & routing for large vehicles

Differences between Sygic GPS Navigation and Sygic Truck Navigation

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android and Sygic Truck Navigation for Android are navigation apps we designed for a specific purpose:

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android is our offline smartphone navigation app. it really doesn't require anything else that wouldn't already be in your device to operate (except for devices without built in GPS modules - you will need to have an external GPS receiver connected to this device, otherwise you will not be able to navigate offline). The app is capable of navigating you offline when you have the maps downloaded in the device memory.

Sygic Truck Navigation for Android is a professional and reliable app, designed to meet truck, caravan, bus and van drivers’ needs. It offers detailed maps, specific vehicle parameters settings, professional routing according to the set vehicle parameters. The app is designed to work offline (without mobile data) so you do not need to use expensive roaming data abroad.

You can find more information about the Sygic Truck Navigation features in this article.

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