Sygic Truck Navigation

Offline GPS navigation for trucks & RV with maps & routing for large vehicles

Map data is outdated

Please report any map inaccuracy, whether it is a wrong speed limit, or missing streets, Speed cameras, buildings - anything. We use your reports to continuously improve maps in Sygic. If you'd like to report map errors, please submit a ticket via this article and include as many details about the error you identified:

  1. Exact location - the exact address or GPS coordinates
  2. Brief description of what is wrong and how it should be, so that we can find the error based on your description.

You can also report map error from application directly by following steps.

  1. Tap on any point on the map
  2. Tap directly on the desired place on the map and an info table will pop up, containing the street name, city name and the distance from your current position.
  3. Select Report a map error
  4. Choice from the Map error or Truck restriction.

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