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Routing/Navigation issues

The application may on the rare occasion fail to find the most efficient route according to your preferences. We take these cases extremely seriously, as this is the primary function of the application - to navigate you to your destination.

To provide an effective service in this matter, precise data is required for us to analyze and fix any issues you may experience when navigating with Sygic. Before you proceed, please make sure that the app and maps are up to date, find the Sygic GPS Navigation via the App Store or Google Play Store and Update it if possible. For the maps, you need to go to the app’s Menu → My Maps (iOS) or Manage maps (Android).

To contact our support team, you need to complete the Yes-No questionare below.

Check your maps

Through the app’s Menu → My Maps (iOS) or Manage Maps (Android)

  • Make sure that you have all maps between your start and destination point downloaded, as well as the maps of countries between all your waypoints.
  • Update the maps if there is an update available

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Check your settings

Check your route computing settings whether they are set correctly through the app’s Menu → Settings → Route Planning and Navigation

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Required maps are loaded, still get a "download missing map" error.

The issue can be caused by the map data being from different providers (the offline maps which Sygic uses are created from data which comes either from TomTom or OSM). Routes between multiple maps will only be created if they were all made with data from the same provider.

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To help investigate and fix this type of issue, we need the following information. Please, provide it after clicking on "Submit a request".

  • Starting Point
  • Waypoint (please submit all)
  • Destination
  • Location of the navigation error
  • Route calculation settings
  • List of downloaded maps
  • Map version

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