Sygic Truck Navigation

App für Lkw und Wohnmobil mit Karten und Routenführung für große Fahrzeuge

How To Activate Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan Navigation with email?

Premium licenses purchased after March 9th, 2022 through our e-shop can be used both on Android & iOS.

How to complete your account registration

  1. After completing your purchase, you receive an email with an activation email address.
  2. If the activation email wasn't registered as a Sygic account before, you'd receive another email with a link that you can use to create a log-in password. Creating the password will complete the Sygic account registration.

    If you don't remember your password, click here

How to activate the license on your Android or iOS device

  1. Open the Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan Navigation application on your phone or tablet. Make sure you have the latest app version.
  2. Go to Menu (☰) > Sign In and enter your activation email and password.
  3. You can check if the license is active: Go to Menu > Sygic Store > All Your Licenses and find the license you've purchased on the list.

    Now you can start navigating your large vehicle with all Premium functionality.

Please remember:

  • Your Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan Navigation license can be activated only on one device simultaneously. If you transfer it to a new device, it will be automatically deactivated in the previous one.

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How can I make a purchase for Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan Navigation via e-shop?

Wie kauft Man Sygic Truck Navigation für Android?

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