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Sounds (Voice instructions, warning sounds) are not working

Before you proceed, please make sure that the app and maps are up to date, find the Sygic GPS Navigation via the App Store or Google Play Store and Update it if possible. For the maps, you need to go to the app’s Menu → My Maps (iOS) or Manage maps (Android).

This article will help you incase you are experiencing issues with voice instructions, whether they are disturbing, missing, or in case you are not getting any sound notifications.

Please note that the voice instructions are a premium feature. You need to have an active Premium lifetime license, or a Premium+ subscription to work. If you see that you have only a Basic lifetime license in the app, voice instructions and sound notifications will not work. This is due to the fact that the Basic lifetime license is not a paid product, it represents the core application functionality, like search, routing, or map download for offline use.

To contact our support team, you need to complete the Yes-No questionare below.

Check the volume

Try adjusting volume with the volume adjustment buttons on the device, while the app is speaking an instruction.

On some Android devices, you need to manually change the volume for media via the additional menu option button that appears when you change the volume with the volume control buttons.

On iOS, you can go to the Sygic app Menu → Settings → Language & Voice → Set volume. The app will play a sample during which you need to use the volume buttons of your device to increase/decrease the volume.

Check sound settings

Try changing your voice set for voice navigation, in the Sygic app menu → Settings → Language & Sounds (Android) or Language & Voice (iOS). If you have a human voice set, try setting to a computerized TTS voice, or try changing to a human voice if you have a computerized TTS voice set. Please note that changing the voice may affect warning sound notifications if you have them set for customized warnings.

Check the notification settings

Please check whether you have enabled/disabled notification settings, or have them set to mute in the Sygic app menu → Settings → Notifications.

Check other apps settings

If you are having sound or volume issues when running other apps, like a radio, please check the settings of the other app or apps. Sometimes, these apps have their own volume settings and/or equalizers that could cause issues when changing the overall volume of the device, particularly making the radio volume extremely loud while navigation instructions or notifications would be too quiet.

Check your Bluetooth settings

If your device is paired via Bluetooth, please note that there are some limitations when using this connection with other apps. Please, check your settings in Menu → Settings → Bluetooth whether these options are all on - the app will then route either via the Media bluetooth channel, or via HFP (Handsfree, like phone calls), if the media channel is being used. Please note that by disabling all settings (on Android), or turning on "Play over phone speaker" (on iOS) will cause the app to use the phone speaker only, which may not work, as it is only an experimental feature.

Congratulations, you have successfully solved the issue! 👍

We are sorry that nothing helped, to contact support click on "Submit a Request" and please fill out the contact form.

Please take screenshots of your settings:

  • Sygic app Menu → Settings → Information → About
  • (for Android) Sygic app Menu → Settings → Language & Sounds → Voice
  • (for iOS) Sygic app Menu → Settings → Language & Voice → Voice Instructions
  • Sygic app Menu → Settings → Bluetooth
  • Sygic app Menu → Settings → Notifications → screenshot from the detailed settings for each type of notifications you are having issues with.

Please have them ready (you don't have to submit them right now), our support may need them.

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