Sygic Truck Navigation

Offline GPS navigation for trucks & RV with maps & routing for large vehicles

Basic information about Usage

You can try all premium features of Sygic Truck 14 days for free. Sygic Truck Navigation software is a complete navigation system with realistic 3D maps, accurate search and precise route computing. Sygic Truck is using specially defined maps with truck-specific features that automatically avoid roads not suitable for specified truck or cargo.

The maps can be downloaded via Sygic Truck application - Menu - Settings - Manage maps.

Once the maps are downloaded, to navigate to your desired destination go to Menu - Navigate to - Address or POI - select your address - Drive to - Wait for valid position (if GPS signal was not fixed yet) - Navigate.

For detailed information about usage of Sygic Truck Navigation, please see our user guide.

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Compatibility & Requirements

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