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App shuts down, freezes or doesn't launch

Before you proceed, please make sure that the Sygic app is up to date. To update the app, please follow the steps from the How to update article. If it doesn’t help, proceed with the troubleshooting steps below.

Sygic, unfortunately, like any other app, experiences behaviour like spontaneously shutting down, crashing, freezing, stops responding, or generally does not work or launch. Sometimes, it is caused by the app itself, sometimes it is caused by external factors. This article helps us rule out those external factors and if the problem persists despite troubleshooting, you can contact our support team with details.

To contact our support team, you need to complete the Yes-No questionare below.

Restart the device

Please turn the device OFF and ON again. This so called "power-cycling" helps us counter various errors or problems.

Did this help you to solve your issue?

Remove the SD card if your device has one.

You can skip this step by pressing "No" if you have an iOS device, or your Android doesn't have an SD card slot.

Try physically removing the SD card from the device, if the device has one currently inserted. Then, please reinstall the app and use the app on your phone without an SD card. If the issue disappears, then the issue is likely with the SD card itself - you may need to replace it with a new one.

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Reinstall the app

Please remove/delete app from the device and install it again by following the steps in our official user guide. Please make sure you open the links below in a new tab in your browser so you can proceed with troubleshooting after the reinstall if it doesn't help.

Reinstall guide for iOS

Reinstall guide for Android

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Congratulations, you have successfully solved the issue! 👍

If none of the steps helped in resolving the issue, please select submit a request and provide the following data, so that we may assist you more effectively:

  • Sygic app version you are currently using
  • OS version of the device
  • Device code (you will find this information in the Sygic app Menu → Settings → Information → About).
  • Device model
  • Time and date of the crash (If you can recreate the behavior again, please do so and write down the time and date).
  • How often does the crash repeat/crash frequency. Is it spontaneous, or can it be reproduced?
  • Please provide the steps how to reproduce this behaviour, step-by-step if you can.

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Maps or Sygic Store doesn't load

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If you did not find the answer to your question in our FAQ, user guide or video guides section, please contact us by filling in the details below. Our support staff will contact you back via email within 48 hours. Thank you.