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Free app with option to subscribe to Premium+

What is Premium+

Premium+ is a subscription that allows our users to purchase all our services in one package.

What is a subscription?
It means that customers pay a fee on a regular basis to get access to the product or service.

If you would like to use any premium feature, you have to subscribe to Premium+, and you’ll get every function the app has currently to offer.
You may try out the Premium+ package with all the features by activating the 7 day trial FREE of charge.

The image above may not display the current price of the subscription fee

How to subscribe and a list of all the features provided in Premium+ package is available at our eshop.

One of the biggest advantages is that Premium+ is for now the only service that can be transferred between platforms, meaning that users may activate it on both iOS and Android devices with just a simple login. You will find out more about all the benefits of a Premium+ subscription in our Glossary.

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Difference between free and Premium+

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