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Difference between Premium lifetime and Premium+ subscription

Premium lifetime licenses are not the same product as the Premium+ subscription.

  • Premium lifetime licenses and add-ons, provide partial access to specific features for an unlimited time period.
  • Premium+ provides full access to all the features for the duration of the subscription (per subscription period).
  • If you purchased a lifetime Premium license in the past and have it activated, voice instructions, lane assistant and all Premium functions declared at that time will work on your mobile in the application. Below you will find a table with the differences between the lifetime Premium license and a Premium+ Subscription:
FeatureLifetime PremiumPremium+
Downloadable maps
Satellite maps (online)
Route calculation
Places of interest (POI)
Static Speed Cameras
Electric Vehicle mode
Voice Instructions
Turn-by-Turn navigation
Lane assistant
Junction view
Speed Limits
Mobile speed cameras*×
Real-time Traffic Info.*×
Head-up Display *×
Car connectivity with premium features*×
Fuel prices×
Monthly map updates×
Vehicle models×
Real-time route sharing×

The symbol "*" means that the service or product was sold as part of a package or separately.

Purchased lifetime licenses and services exist independently of the Premium+ subscription. You still need to activate them each time you factory reset your device, or change your device. Furthermore, lifetime licenses cannot be transferred between the Android and iOS platforms.

If you would like to use any additional services, which are not included in your previously purchased products, you have to subscribe to the Premium+, as we no longer sell lifetime products. If you would then like to cancel the subscription, the lifetime licenses will not be affected and will continue to work as they did before without change.

Product nameWas sold lifetime in the pastBundles
Premium LifetimeYesWe sold Regional bundles, World upgrade packages
TrafficNot alwaysWas available as 1 year services, lifetime, later part of Premium+Traffic
Monthly Map UpdatesNoNo
Premium Speed CamerasNoNo
HUD, Dashcam, Cockpit, Real View NavigationYesAdd-on Bundle
Premium for Carplay or Android AutoYesNo*
* - Premium via CarPlay or Android Auto was available only after purchasing this product.

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Difference between free and Premium+

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