Sygic GPS Navigation for Windows Phone

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Navigating to GPS coordinates

You can use GPS coordinates in one of three supported formats:

  • Decimal: 0.0
  • Degrees/minutes: 0°0.0'
  • Degrees/minutes/seconds: 0°0'0"

The format you are going to be using needs to be set in Menu -> Settings -> Regional tab -> GPS coordinates

You can enter the GPS coordinates into the search bar just like any address, but first please clear the country name which is pre-defined in the search bar by default. Tap the "X" icon at the end of the search bar to do this, or you can use the backspace key on your keyboard. Now you may start entering the coordinates into an empty search bar.

The two coordinates should be separated by a comma "," sign.

To designate the south/north latitude and west/east longtitude, please enter the corresponding S/N/W/E letters before the coordinates, separated by a space. Alternatively, you can use a negative "-" sign before a coordinate instead of the letters, to indicate a south latitude, or a west longtitude (north latitudes and east longtitudes are positive numbers by default). Examples:

  • N 32.71576, W 117.16381
  • 32.71576, -117.16381

After you complete entering the coordinates, a search result will be presented. Tap on the search result to select it and calculate a route with the play button in the bottom bar.

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