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How to add a place or route to Favorites, and use it later?

The favorites feature lets you select a destination and start navigation much faster, since you skip the process of finding or searching for your destination. You can set it up for locations which you use repeatedly, or locations which you want to find and prepare ahead of time and have them saved for later use.

Adding a location or place to favorites

After you tap anywhere directly on the map, or when you find an address or place through Search, a bar will appear at the bottom edge of the screen showing you some basic information about the location and the option to get directions.

Swipe this bar upwards to view even more options, and among them you can find „Add to favorites“. Just tap on this option to immediately add this location to the favorites list.

A favorite can also be added by opening the screen with the list of favorites, and pressing the „+“ symbol in the bottom right corner. You select the location of the new favorite by swiping around the map until the blue location marker is in the right spot.

Tip: to prevent losing your saved favorites, you can make a backup of the file they are stored in, according to this article

Using favorites

You can view and use your favorites by pressing the heart icon in the top right corner on the app’s main screen.

Select any of them and you will immediately be able to get directions to that location.

Pressing and holding on the name of a favorite will show you a pop-up window, with further options to rename the favorite, remove it, or create a shortcut icon for it on the home screen of your Android device, so you can select that favorite as your destination before you even start the Sygic app.

Pressing and holding on the three lines icon that is on the right side of a favorite, lets you move it up or down, so you can change the order how the favorites are shown in the list. By default, the newest favorites will be at the top.

There is also a magnifying glass icon in the top right corner which can be used to search among them.

The icon of a person that you can also see on the Favorites screen will take you to the tab with contacts. These are loaded automatically from the contact list in your phone, that's why our app may ask you for permission to access your contact list. Only those contacts will be loaded & shown in Sygic, for which you have filled out a complete address.

Home and Work locations

Home and Work are the most commonly used destinations for everyday commuting. That is why we placed them permanently at the top of the favorites list for easy access. If you didn’t set their location yet, you can do it just by tapping on them for the first time. To change the Home or Work location, press and hold on them in the favorites screen, like any of the other favorites in the list.

Adding a route to favorites

You can also save an entire route to your favorites, this is useful for example when you customize the route by adding waypoints to it, and don’t want to do the whole setup of the route again.

On the Route Selection screen, tap the „i“ icon in the top right corner to get to the Route Info. There press the heart icon in the top right corner to add the route to favorites. The same Route Info screen can be opened after the route has been started, from the Quick menu (3 dots icon in the bottom right of the map).

Routes are added to the bottom of the favorites list, under the favorite locations.


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