Sygic GPS Navigation na Android

Darmowa aplikacja z możliwością kupna licencji Premium.

Compatibility & requirements

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps application is compatible with all Android smartphones/tablets that meet the following minimum system requirements:

Android 4.4 or higher. Older versions of Android than 4.4 will not be able to install the latest Sygic GPS Navigation app version, but may use older and non-updated Sygic versions.
150 MB of free storage memory for the base app to install.
Must have the Google Play Store and Google Services pre-installed
Built-in GPS module, or external GPS receiver that is connected, paired or otherwise recognized by the device
Internet connection - without it, you will not be able to download the app from the Play Store, download maps and everything else needed to get the app going on your device.
• Following hardware specification is recommended for best performance while using multiple app features:

RAM-2GB and above
Android OS4.46.0 and above
Storage150 MB1GB and above

We would also recommend trying the app - it’s free and those extra features that are paid can be tried during a 7 day trial. You can download the app from the Google Play Store on this link.

You will not be able to download or use the app, if:

• The Google Play Store app determines your device incompatible (even if it meets recommended system specifications).
• Your device runs a custom, modified version of the Android OS (these are officially not supported).
• Your country is not supported by Google Play services.

Sygic GPS Navigation is an offline navigation app, yet, some of its features require online access. The following services and features in Sygic require an active internet connection:

• Downloading maps and voices
• Accessing the Sygic Store
• Signing in in the app with an account
• Traffic service
• Mobile speed camera information
• Parking or Fuel prices
• Backing up data using Dropbox
• Shortcut to the Uber app in Location detail

The use of other apps in the background is not recommended on devices that are below recommended system requirements. Please close all other apps to ensure best possible performance.

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