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About Travel Insurance

Up to what age can you get insured?

Up to the age of 80.

In which countries specifically am I covered by this insurance?

You are covered by insurance in all countries within Europe and additionally in:
Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and in the European part of the Russian Federation
You are not covered by insurance
A) in your country of residence
B) in the country of your public health insurance.

What activities are covered by insurance:

Ordinary activities and leisure activities performed in the framework of leisure time for the purpose of regeneration, entertainment or relaxation.
Also the following sports: aerobics; aqua aerobics; basketball; badminton; running; cross-country skiing on marked trails; billiards; bowling; curling; cycling, cyclo-turism; boating; electric scooter; e-sports; floorball; frisbee; football; golf; mountain biking on marked routes (not downhill); inline skates; ski tobogganing on marked routes; riding an elephant, camel or other animal; water tobogganing; water banana ride; pedal boating; riding skateboards and penyboards with the exception of riding in specialized parks designated for that purpose; yoga; card and other board games; scooter; Ice skating; rope courses in a rope park for children; skiing on marked routes; petanque; swimming; shore fishing; sledding and bobsledding; snowboarding on marked routes; spinning; squash; table football; table hockey; table tennis; surfing; chess; darts; snorkeling; RC models; dance; tennis; hiking on marked paths without the need to use climbing aids (rope, seat harness, chest harness, helmet, carabiner, clamp, etc.) or artificial safety devices, without altitude restrictions; volleyball; windsurfing.

What activities are not covered by the insurance:

No sports and leisure activities that are performed professionally or amateurishly in preparation for competition or in the competition itself. Also activities within an organized event that shows signs of competition between individuals or teams.
Any sort of manual work.

Is travel insurance also for business trips?

Yes, as long as the purpose of your trip is in the field of administration and business, while you do not perform any manual work.
The insurance does not cover professional drivers, or chauffeurs on a business trip.

How is a family defined for the purposes of insurance

A family is considered to be two adult insured persons and their children under the age of 21

What prescription drugs or medicines are covered by insurance

Only medicines that are prescribed by your doctor.
(excludes medicines not prescribed by your doctor, nutritional supplements, vitamin and probiotic preparations, homeopathic medicines and other similar products)

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