Sygic GPS Navigation for Android (version 20.x)

Free app with option to buy Premium license.

When are the maps in Sygic updated?

We release updates for our maps 3 times per year, these are included for all our customers at no extra cost. Map updates include updates for new or removed roads, speed limits, turn restrictions, permanent closures and places(POIs). These updates will be released three times every year during the months of January, May and September, unless otherwise announced by Sygic.
When they are released, you will be able to download those updated maps in the Sygic app's top left menu → Manage Maps.

Our customers have the option to join a subscription for receiving a map update every month, thus receiving 12 map updates per year. This yearly subscription can be purchased through the Sygic app's menu → Sygic Store. A premium license must be active for this add-on to be visible. We acquire the map data from TomTom, and getting it every month results in higher costs for us, that's why we can only offer this more frequent update plan as a paid add-on.

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How do I check the version of my Sygic app?

Where can I report map errors (incorrect or missing data in the maps)?

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