Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS - Regional apps

Regional paid Premium app without trial option.

Difference between a Standalone paid Sygic app and Sygic All Regions

In the past, you could choose from different types of applications based on your preferences.

  1. Paid Sygic Regional GPS Navigation apps - applications which needed to be purchased directly from the Apple App Store before download. All Premium Navigation features are unlocked in the purchase, except Traffic service, Cockpit and the Real View Navigation (please note that some apps don’t offer this particular add-on) addons which are available as in-app purchases

  2. Sygic GPS GPS Navigation & Maps – The app offers maps for all the regions of the World (for which we have map data coverage). The app is free and offers Premium, traffic and add-on features (Dashcam, Head Up Display, Cockpit, Real View Navigation) as in-app purchases. During the first 7 days from the moment a user downloads this app, most of the premium features are unlocked and available in a Premium trial all around the World.

Now that the Paid Regional apps will no longer receive updates (except for Sygic World and Sygic Europe). These are the differences between these two app types concerning the features this change will have the greatest impact on:

FeaturePaid AppsSygic GPS Navigation & Maps
App updatesWill no longer receive updatesWill receive updates
Map updatesWill no longer receive updatesWill receive updates
New featuresWill no longer receive new featuresWill receive new features
iOS supportedWill work for a while on current iOS*Continuous support with updates

*As long as the apps are supported by iOS, you will be able to use them. Once the iOS system support ceases, the app will no longer be downloadable. Please consider this when updating your iOS system in the future!

Also, some features were not available in all apps that are new in Sygic All Regions. For instance, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps offers the option to download larger maps split in smaller parts. Also, there is a new paid add-on in the GPS Navigation & Maps app available for purchase which not all paid apps offered – Real View Navigation. Of course, if you bought this paid add-on for iOS, then this will work.

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