Sygic GPS Navigation na Android

Darmowa aplikacja z możliwością kupna licencji Premium.

Forgotten product code ?

If you lost the email containing your product code, you can request it by going to the link below:

Get product code

We have prepared this page so you no longer need to create a help request and wait for our support specialist to send you the code.

To request the product code using this page please:

  • Enter the email which you have used for purchase via our E-shop.
  • Click on "Get my product codes"

Important: This page will aid you in finding product codes that were lost after you bought a premium license for Sygic GPS Navigation on Android. If you are trying to retrieve a code for this app based on your prior purchase for a different App or platform (iOS or Windows Phone), please scroll down to "Didn’t get a code when purchased & previously had it for iOS or Windows?" for further information.

Didn’t get a code?

• Please check your spam or trash folder, it is possible the email containing your code landed there by accident.
• Try submitting your email again.
• If you got the email, but there was no code in it, then the product you own doesn't use a product code, and it is instead bound to your Sygic email account.

Paid using Google Play, now looking for a code?

You purchased the license within the Sygic app via Google Play Store. That means you neither have, nor need a product code. To activate your license on a new device, please launch Sygic and go to menu → Sygic Store → Activate license → Restore Google Play. You also must be signed in to Google Play Store with the same account as you used for the purchase, otherwise, the restore will fail. That alone should restore your purchased product on your device. You can check it by going to Menu → Sygic Store → All your licenses - if the premium lifetime you bought is listed there, then it has been successfully activated.

Visual guide:

Didn’t get a code when purchased & previously had it for iOS or Windows?

We are very sorry, it's not possible to retrieve an Android code for a purchase made for iOS or Windows. We're bound by both rules for developers as well as licensing policies that prevent us from granting cross-platform activation for paid products. The product you purchased is bound to the app on that particular platform that it was purchased on. The only way to have our application on your Android device is to purchase it from our e-shop, or directly from the app on your Android device. (click here for more info about how to buy)

On the bright side, the iOS/Windows license you own remains valid and should you decide to use an iOS/Windows device in the future, you will be able to use this license again, including the latest maps and updated features. On top of that, we would also like to offer an exclusive additional 10% discount off of the currently displayed price in our e-shop (even though it’s already discounted). While we cannot offer such a discount for users that transfer from Android to iOS or Windows, we have this option for you. If you’re interested, please submit a request from this article. Please submit a copy of your original purchase receipt along with your email, we will send you the details along with the extra discount to that email based on that receipt, so don't forget to attach it to your message.

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