Sygic GPS Navigation na Android

Darmowa aplikacja z możliwością kupna licencji Premium.

Dashcam (Sygic <17.7.0)

Even a careful driver can get involved in an accident. Dashcam is here to help you by recording everything in front of your car using the camera of your smartphone/tablet and even has the option of automatically saving the video in case of a car crash.

You can use Dashcam either in the navigation mode with a route created, and also with no route in the map browsing mode.

How to buy the Dashcam?

You can buy the Dashcam as an in-app purchase by following these quick steps (they are very similar to buying a Premium license from the app):

  1. Go to Menu → Sygic Store
  2. Select Dashcam
  3. Press the Shopping cart icon
  4. Complete your purchase using one of the supported payment options.

You can also buy the Dashcam from our E-shop by following these steps:

  1. On the E-shop page, scroll down until you see Sygic's add-on features.
  2. Select the Dashcam by pressing "Add to cart"
  3. Complete the order by entering your personal information, selecting and using one of the offered Payment methods.

How to activate Dashcam?

Dashcam can be activated by Signing in to the app with your Sygic account.

How to use Dashcam?

  1. Launch Dashcam in the quick menu (the three-dot button at the bottom right corner of the screen) by tapping on the Dashcam icon.
  2. Start recording by tapping on the Rec button in the bottom right corner on the video preview screen that appeared.

    Dashcam will keep up to 5 minutes of recorded video in a temporary file, constantly overwriting itself, so it has very low requirements for free storage space.

  3. To exit the preview screen, tap on the back arrow in the upper left corner.

How to save the recorded video?

  1. Tap on either
    • the „Rec“ icon on the left side of the screen
    • the Dashcam icon in the Quick menu

      That will get you back on the preview screen.

  2. In the preview screen, you can
    • Save the video and stop recording - by tapping on the „square“ button.
      You´ll automatically get a suggestion to save the video subsequently.
    • Save the video and continue recording- by tapping on the „save“ button.
      The Dashcam will continue recording.
  3. Afterwards, the last five minutes of the recording will be saved as a video in your phone gallery. You can find the actual video files of saved recordings in the internal memory of your device in the folder Pictures/Sygic/

Settings for Dashcam

Inside the Sygic app's menu → Settings → Dashcam, you can setup a few different options for Dashcam. You can turn on on/off the feature of automatically saving the video in case of a car crash, the recording of sound, starting recording automatically, and choose the quality/resolution of the video.

Can I save the videos from Dashcam onto the SD card?
The temporary recording data and the saved video files are stored in internal memory by default, and this cannot be changed. You can manually move the saved video files to your SD card, from the Pictures/Sygic/ folder in internal memory where you will find them.


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