Sygic Car Navigation

Navigation app for Android, iOS devices and Smartphone-to-dash connectivity

My premium features suddenly stopped working

Sometimes a corrupt file could cause the app's premium features to stop working, even though they are apparently activated when you check the Sygic Store

If the license is shown there as purchased, but you cannot use the features in the app, please follow this procedure:

Please download any random map to establish connection to our servers. If you still cannot access the premium features, it seems that the license is not activated correctly, or the license files are corrupted.

Please use a file manager, or connect your device to the computer. Navigate to the "SygicIncar" folder on the phone memory and go to the subfolder called "Maps". Delete the "content.info" and "content.lic" files from this folder.

  1. Please use a file manager application to go to "Android/data/com.sygic.incar/files/Maps/ " or "SygicIncar/maps" folder if you have an older file system. (We recommend "Total commander" app for this purpose. It is available for free via Google Play Store.)
  2. Delete the "content.info" and "content.lic" files
  3. Re-launch the Sygic Car navigation application with internet connection enabled and download any random map, so the application can connect to our servers.

Once you restart the app, the files will appear again, the premium features should be working though.

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