Sygic Car Navigation

Navigation app for Android, iOS devices and Smartphone-to-dash connectivity

Head up Display (HUD)

Please note: The HUD addon uses the phone display to show the information which are reflected on the windshield. The HUD cannot be used when using Car Connected mode.

With Head up display feature, you are able to see all navigation instructions projected directly into your line of sight – the windshield.

Keep your attention on the road and enjoy a safe & comfortable drive at night.

How to purchase and activate Head up Display ?

The Head up display is already included in the Premium Connected Pack and Premium Navigation Pack.

In case your license does not include HUD, you can purchase it also separately. This add-on is available for purchase via Menu -> Sygic Store -> Head up Display. After purchase is completed, Head up display license will be assigned onto your Sygic account(e-mail address used during a purchase).

To restore/activate your purchased Head up Display feature, please, log into the application by going to: Menu -> Account. You can find more information how to login to the app in this article: How to activate premium with login to the app

How to use Head up Display ?

  1. Once you purchase Head-up Display, you can launch it from the HUD icon in the map view on your phone. Plan your route and tap on HUD icon to launch Head-up Display. You can also use Head-up Display without a route to see your current speed or warnings for speed cameras.
  2. When the Head-up Display is running, please tap on the screen. Options to return back to normal navigation and to flip the Head-up Display to mirror image will appear. Flipping the Head-up Display to mirror image is necessary to see it correctly when it’s reflected on the windshield.
  3. Flip the Head-up Display and place your device under the windshield. By adjusting the distance of the device from the windshield you can change how high on the windshield the Head/up Display appears. You are ready to hit the road.

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