Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS

Free app with option to buy Premium or Premium + Traffic licenses.

Why Upgrade to World + Traffic license?

The Upgrade will enable you to get the most out of your Sygic GPS Navigation. Adding live Traffic information and extending your Premium license features to World will take your driving experience to the next level.

By purchasing the Upgrade to World + Traffic:

• You will get Live Traffic information service, which will be your personal assistant on the road
• You will extend the coverage of your Premium license to World, which means you will be able to use the Premium features all over the world (see Map Coverage).

Why is it useful to have Traffic services while navigating?

Traffic information is a very important part of navigation, as it allows to improve the calculated route based on the current situation. It is critical to plan your route, to know how much time you will need to get there and to enhance your overall experience. Sygic offers exceptional Traffic information service for a continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, North/South America, Middle East and Australia & New Zealand ) or the entire World, which gives you accurate traffic information based on data from TomTom Traffic.

You will no longer have to waste your precious time in traffic jams. Whether it's an accident or roadworks – you will simply avoid any problem on the road. The best route to your destination is optimized while you are driving, based on real-time traffic information, which is updated every two minutes. When there is a new delay on the route, you will automatically receive a faster route suggestion. All you need to do is confirm the new route and accurate voice guidance will guide you to your destination in the best possible time.

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Does Traffic require data connection? How is the data consumption?

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