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Even a careful driver can get involved in an accident. Dashcam is here to help you by recording everything in front of your car using a camera of your smartphone/tablet and by automatically saving the video in case of a car crash.


  • Launch Dashcam in the Quick Menu (the three-dot button at the bottom right corner of the screen) by tapping on the Dashcam icon.
  • After starting the Dashcam, the REC button will appear in the top left corner of the main screen. tapping on this button will launch preview of the recording screen, which can be closed by tapping on "X" button in the bottom right corner (button on the left will save the current recording).
  • By re-opening the the Quick Menu, you can see the active Dashcam icon. By tapping on it you will stop the recording an get the prompt to either delete or save your video. Then, your video in maximum length of 4.30 to 5 minutes will be saved directly to Photos.

Dashcam is unlocked automatically with your purchase of paid standalone Sygic Regional app. With only one exception, which is Sygic World regional standalone app (where this addon needs to be purchased separately.


Can I save my entire journey as a video?
No. Dashcam saves video in 1-minute loops. The longest video which can be saved will be 4.30 to 5 minutes long. 6th one-minute loop overwrites the 1st one-minute loop, etc.

Where is the video saved?
After successfully completed saving process, the video will be available directly in your gallery in Photos app.

Can I use external cameras to record a video via Dashcam?
No. Dasham can uses only in-built camera on your device.

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