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Maps not downloading

If the app gets stuck when downloading maps, or a map download wouldn't complete no matter how many times you try to download it, then there is a number of troubleshooting steps you can try by following this guide.

However, if the app is displaying an error message in Menu → Maps, that it cannot connect to servers, please visit this article, as it covers that topic.

Below is a quick interactive guide to help you troubleshoot this kind of issue. Simply click the "No" button beneath it after performing the steps to proceed with additional troubleshooting steps:

1. Please turn your device off and on again.

As basic as it is, it is also the most effective method to rule out minor system errors.

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2. Check your free storage space

Make sure you have sufficient free space in the device's memory or SD card. If you don't have enough space, you will not be able to download additional maps.

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3. Check network connection

Try using a browser and check if you can access the internet - if you can't, then it's likely a network issue, probably a simple router restart will help.

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4. Check for other apps blocking your connection

Also check for any firewall or antivirus app that could be blocking the download - try disabling or uninstalling any firewall or antivirus app. We do understand your concerns when using them, rest assured though that we are just doing this to troubleshoot erroneous behavior.

We've also experienced many cases in the past when another app was blocking the connection between Sygic and our servers. Please make sure you don't use an app that could do so - like a VPN app, a remote desktop app, even some adblock apps have managed to block our app from downloading maps, etc.

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5. Reset to defaults

Please run Sygic and go to Menu → Settings → Menu in the top right corner of the screen and select reset to defautls. Restart the app afterwards and try again.

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6. Check app on another device

If you have more than one android device at your disposal, try downloading the map on the other device as well. If the issue is present on two devices on the same connection, then try using a different network connection. You also may want to try downloading a different map, whether the issue is present on one specific map, or on multiple maps.

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Thank you for using our interactive guide, we're happy to hear the issue is now resolved. Have a nice day and safe travels with your Sygic!

If the problem persists after all that, please contact us with the following additional information:

  • Device model and OS version (all devices that have this issue)
  • Which map are you trying to download
  • The device code from the Sygic App → Menu → Settings → Information → About.
  • Anything else that you think would help us in identifying the issue

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