Sygic Car Navigation

Navigation app for Android, iOS devices and Smartphone-to-dash connectivity

How to choose from alternative routes

Once you select a destination, tap the Done button and Action Menu with options Drive to and Walk there will appear.

Choose navigation for cars (Drive to) or pedestrians (Walk there) to start route calculation.

If your device can determine your current position, your route will be calculated immediately from that position.
When route calculation is complete, the entire route is displayed on map.

If there are several route alternatives possible the software will offer up to three routes to choose from.

Alternative routes

For each route the distance and time to destination is shown on the top of the screen.

You can switch between routes by tapping on the different route summaries on the top of the screen.
Selected route will be highlighted. Select your route and tap Navigate to start navigation.

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How to Navigate to POIs ?

How to login to the app

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