Sygic Car Navigation

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How to search for an address ?

Accessing the "Search" selection:

Quick search

You can look for any Address, POI, Contact, History or Favorite with the Quick search function. Quick search is available in "Search > Quick Search"

Type the name of the City, Street, POI, Contact, History, or Favorite into the search field.
To select a different place altogether, tap the Back button.

Search for an Address

To set your destination by entering its address select:
Search > Address or POI and select the destination country:

Afterwards you can proceed to Select City or Postal Code or Select Street directly.
Enter the first few letters of the City/Street name to see a list of suggestions.
Once you select street name, you will be able to select House number.
To set chosen location as your destination, tap Drive to.

Navigating to a Point of Interest

In addition to the road network, the map also contains the details of thousands of Points of Interest (POIs) such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and other facilities.
To set a POI as your destination, you have multiple options:
Search > Nearby POI
Shows a list of POIs near your current (or last valid) position.

Search > POI on route
Shows POIs along your active route.

Search > Parking
Shows the nearest parking spots.

Navigating to GPS Coordinates:

Search > GPS Coordinates
You can search for coordinates and change the coordinate format here.

After you enter the coordinates, just tap on "Done"

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