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How to create a Sygic account and Sign In?

In this article we will cover how to create a Sygic account, how to sign in, and why this is useful.

Registering – creating your Sygic account

Before you will be able to sign in, one of your email addresses must be registered as a Sygic account, so we will start with that. You can register a Sygic account in a few different ways, which one you choose doesn’t matter:

  • Directly from the app: open the menu of the Sygic application by tapping on the icon in the top left corner, and select “Sign In”. On this login screen, there is also an option for creating a new account.
  • From our website: you can create your Sygic account on this site - https://accounts.sygic.com/sign-up
  • After you make a purchase: you are asked to enter an email address when you make a purchase in our store, either the in-app Sygic Store or our e-shop website. If that email was not registered as a Sygic account before, you’ll receive an email message with a link that you can use to create a login password. Creating the password will complete the Sygic account registration for your email address that you used during purchase.

Note: the password that you set for a Sygic account must be at least 8 characters long.

Signing in

Inside our application you can find the “Sign In” option in the menu which you open by pressing the icon in the top left corner of the main screen.

Just enter your registered email address as the login name and your password, then press the blue Sign In button. Your device needs to have a working internet connection to Sign In.

Why would you want to Sign In?

Add-on features which can be purchased (e.g. Real View Navigation, Dashcam, Head Up Display, etc.) can only be activated in the app by signing in, with the same Sygic account email which was used when the add-on was purchased.

Premium licenses can also be activated by signing in to the app, but for these it is not the only activation option, many premium licenses also have a 16-digit product code which can be used to activate them instead.

Signing in to the app is also useful for us when you contact Sygic’s support team. It allows us to quickly identify your used devices in our database and in that way offer you faster assistance when the need arises.

You can also Sign In on our website https://accounts.sygic.com/sign-in to review your past purchases of licenses and add-ons for our Android app, as well as to change the login email or password of your Sygic account.

Resetting your forgotten login password

You can set a new login password by yourself. One option is to do it from our website https://accounts.sygic.com/reset-password , or you can tap on the "Forgot password" link inside the Sygic app's menu → Sign In.
After you enter your email address, you will receive a message that contains a unique, custom link to another page where you can securely set your new password.
Please note that the password you create must be at least 8 characters long.

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