Sygic GPS Navigation pour iOS

Application Régionale payée sans l'option d'essai.

Troubleshooting guide

This article covers some of the issues you may encounter during this app transfer:

  1. You have the latest version, but I didn’t get the download new app prompt when you launched it.
    This may occur only when you are offline. Make sure you are online when launching the app, as it is essentail for the transfer process.
  2. You downloaded the new app, but can’t seem to get past the country selection screen.
    Apparently, something went wrong or a file is corrupt. Please, reinstall the app and try again – you may need to repeat this step, if this issue occurs after another reinstall. If it persists, please, submit a ticket using the „Submit a request“ button.

    It is also possible that you didn’t allow the app to access your current position. Please, enable this in your device settings → Privacy → Location → Sygic needs to have access either while „in use“, or „always“.

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