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Standalone paid apps now transferring to Sygic All Regions

Dear Customers,

To comply with Apple’s App Review Guidelines, we are reducing the number of apps that we offer on the App Store. As a result, some of our paid standalone apps are reaching the end of their development lifecycle and will permanently stop receiving updates.

These apps provide Premium features and services which are now transferable to Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps, free of cost. This article, along with the Related articles below, are created to make this transfer as easy as possible.

Regrettably, as a direct result of how the app transfer works and considering the technical background of the backup and cloud services the apps used, all favorites and personal data you might have created or stored in your paid apps will be lost or not recoverable in the new app. We are very sorry for this highly inconvenient event.

On the bright side, you will receive access to the features you paid for in a new app, which frequently receives updates.

The following articles will cover all there is to the transfer of your paid apps into Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps:

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Difference between a Standalone paid Sygic app and Sygic All Regions

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