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How to connect Sygic Car Navigation with Honda?

In order to connect your phone to your Honda, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone. On your Honda's screen, go to the settings - phone - Bluetooth device list - Add Bluetooth Device. Select your phone from the list and confirm on your phone by tapping "Pair"
  2. For Android devices, the connection is secured by Mirrorlink technology, follow the dedicated guide
  3. For iOS devices, download and install the Hondalink Launcher App
  4. Start the HondLink Launcher App
  5. Plug your iPhone to your Honda via HDMI cable, you will need the Lightning Digital AV Adapter in order to connect it to your iPhone
  6. Continue on your car's screen
  7. If not already, go back to the home screen (on car's screen) by pressing the "home" button in the top right corner. Afterward, press the ">>" button located on the side of the screen, next to "Settings" and "Info" button.
  8. Your iPhone might ask you for a permission to communite with your Honda, press "Allow"
  9. Wait for the connection to be established and then choose Sygic from the available apps
  10. You are ready to choose your destination.

Important notice
In order for Sygic to work properly, your iPhone needs to have the GPS enabled with a good signal reception. Make sure you are are in open space, outsides garages and tunnels.

Alternatively, you can also start Sygic Car Navigation on your phone prior to the connection with your car. When the app is already running (you might even set up a route), plug the phone into your car via HDMI and perform the connection process described above.


In case the connection with Honda does not work, first and foremost, please make sure you are running the latest available version of Sygic Car Navigation. Keep in mind that you need to connect your phone to your car with HDMI cable with Lightning Digital AV Adapter, the connection via Bluetooth will not suffice. When Sygic is updated, please check and verify:

  1. Bluetooth is enabled both in your Honda and your iPhone and both devices are properly paired together.
  2. HondaLink Launcher App is installed and opened on your iPhone
  3. HDMI cable is plugged in and working properly

As a last resort, please reboot your iPhone and restart your Honda system.

Important notice
The connection might not be working properly on iOS version 12 and higher due to Honda not updating the HondaLink launcher app for the new system. As a temporal workaround, please set the region in HondaLink app to Vietnam, which helps in some cases. For more information, please contact Honda at https://automobiles.honda.com/information/customer-relations

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