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How to back up and restore via iCloud ?

Follow the steps below on the device with favorites/imported POIs etc. to back them up on iCloud. To restore the data on a new device without any previously stored data, repeat the steps below.

First, you need to setup iCloud in iOS settings.

  1. Go to iOS Settings app → Apple ID → iCloud and make sure you are signed in with your iCloud account.
  2. Go to iOS Settings app → Apple ID → iCloud and make sure iCloud Drive is enabled and make sure Sygic GPS Navigation is enabled below.

This will allow Sygic to back up and restore data on iCloud.

  1. Start Sygic, go to Menu → Settings > Cloud service and select iCloud.
  2. If you are asked to synchronize your data, press Yes.

iCloud then automatically and frequently backs up and restores your data when the app is started and an action is triggered (saving a favourite, route, creating a new widget etc).

The app is comparing the time of files, therefore there are two possibilities:

Sygic has newer data - everything stored on iCloud will be overwritten by your data from Sygic.
iCloud has newer data - everything in Sygic will be overwritten by your iCloud data.

WARNING: iCloud back up and restore is mainly for restoring backup on new fresh installations of Sygic without any data. We do not recommend to use 2 or more devices simultaneously with this service. You may loose all your data.

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