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How to change the starting point of the route?

By default, your current position will be used as the starting point when you create any new route. Beginning with app version 17.3.x we added an option to easily change it, and select any location to be the starting point of the route you create.
Users will most often want to do this, when preparing some routes ahead of time in preparation for a trip. You can save a route which you create this way for later use, by adding it to favorites.

Note: when the starting point is changed, you can only play a preview of the route. Regular navigation mode cannot run because you are not located at the start of that route. The preview will simulate driving along the route and on the screen it will look as if your position was moving.

How you select the position that you want to use as your starting point doesn't matter, it can be directly from the map by tapping on it, or through Search. Just swipe up the bar from the bottom of the screen to view all the location detail options, and "Set as starting point" will be one of them.
A green location marker with the letter "A" will be shown on the location you selected, then you can proceed to selecting your destination as usual.

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