Sygic GPS Navigation for Windows Phone

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Connection issues

An working internet connection is needed for certain actions within Sygic (e.g. signing in, downloading additional maps, Sygic Store). If you do experience any issues or errors with connecting or downloading, please check your current connection by using another application or web browser.

If those are connecting without issues, open Sygic and go to Menu -> Settings -> General tab, and select the Reset to defaults option.

If the connection issues persist, try the following steps to rule out that the Sygic connection is not being blocked:

  • change your data connection, try multiple Wi-Fi networks in different locations, not just at home (to rule out any modem/router issues, as well as Internet Service provider filters)
  • try a mobile data connection (3G/4G)
  • disable any kind of antivirus/firewall software installed in your phone, which can also block a connection

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Crashing or freezing

Route calculation errors

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