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Add a destination to favorites

Adding a location to your favorites list is a great way to remove the need for entering the destination manually. It is useful for destinations where you expect to be navigating multiple times.

  1. a) Select the point on the map by simply tapping on the right place,
    b) Search for the destination address via the search function (city, street, and number are required, you can select 'any' instead of the number)
  2. A rectangular label with the location name will appear at that point on the map. Tap on that label to enter the location detail screen.
  3. Press the star icon (★) in the bottom panel.
  4. Edit the name of the created Favorite if you wish.
  5. Confirm adding the Favorite. The star icon will now be slightly changed.

To remove a Favorite, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Favorites section, via the Star icon on the starting screen's bottom bar.
  2. a) Press and hold pressed over the Favorite you wish to remove. Select 'Remove' from the window which appears.
    b) Tap on the favorite you wish to remove, to display it in the location detail view. Tap the star icon in the bottom panel and confirm removing.

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