Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS

Free app with option to buy Premium or Premium + Traffic licenses.

Basic (free) versus Premium

There are features in our app which everyone can use forever without paying anything. These free features, also called “Basic”, include the ability to download and use any of our maps, to search for destinations, create routes, browse millions of places of interest, and get notifications for speed cameras.

Premium features will further enhance your navigation experience with voice guidance, turn-by-turn instructions, driving lane assistant, speed limit warnings and more.

Everything that is available in Premium, can be tried during the 7 day trial period. This trial activates automatically on the date when Sygic is installed for the first time into your device.

After the 7 day trial ends, the free features are still there for you without any limitations. You can choose to get Premium at any time by purchasing the lifetime license, which is a one-time payment or by purchasing a subscription for monthly recurring * Premium + Traffic World license.

Below is a table which summarizes the main features and their availability:

FeaturesFree (Basic)Premium
Offline mapsYesYes
Offline SearchYesYes
Route calculationYesYes
Millions of PlacesYesYes
Speed Camera InformationYesYes
Voice InstructionsNoYes
Turn-by-Turn navigationNoYes
Speed Limit WarningsNoYes
Driving lane assistantNoYes
Head up Display modeNoOptional
Dashcam recordingNoOptional
Traffic Information and route adjustmentNoOptional
Real View NavigationNoOptional

Premium for CarPlay: click here for more information

You can check if you just have Basic, or if there is a Premium license activated on your device, by tapping on the "Restore / Manage your purchases" option in our app's Menu → Sygic Store and you will see all active licenses on your device listed in a brief summary.

*availability may vary

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