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Route did not calculate due to an error message

Route calculation failed: Download missing map error

  • This error usually occurs when you are creating a route from one country to another, and the app is missing crucial maps of countries that need to be passed through along the way (for example, if you create a route from Spain to Germany, but are missing the map of France, or from California to Washington without the maps of Oregon or Idaho).
  • To avoid this error, simply make sure that all maps necessary for the route are downloaded. Maps can be added via Menu → Maps, or by tapping on the download prompt which is displayed directly on the map over countries/states not yet downloaded.

    Please note that at the moment, it is not possible to create routes between certain countries if they are from 2 different map providers (this affects mostly the maps that were recently added in the app, most countries across the World are not affected). We are currently looking into a technical solution that should make it possible in the near future. Until then, the only way to navigate to or from affected countries is to create routes to and from the borders.

Route Calculation Has Failed, Roads Limit Reached error

This particular error message appears when the app's routing algorithm reaches it's limit. To further improve it, we would like to ask you to submit any route that you tried to set up in the app in a ticket form from this article. Usually, there are a few reasons why this error appears:

  • The route is too long. If you would try to calculate a route from, for example, Lisbon to Moscow, the route processing limit would be exceeded before the route would be calculated and you would receive this error message.
  • The route is too long due to a specific setting. The route would be normally calculated, but because of a specific routing setting, for example highway avoidance, the route possibilities would be exceeded before the route would finish calculating. Please check your settings in Menu → Settings → Route planning tab.
  • The starting point or destination is set in a no-drive zone. In this case, the application would try to calculate the route which cannot be completed and will go on with the calculation until the route processing limit is reached. Try adjusting the destination or starting points slightly.
  • There is an error in the map data, like a turn restriction. In cases like this the algorithm may get stuck, resulting in this error message.

When submitting a report of this error message, please include the following data:

  • Exact starting point and destination of the route (just as you entered them in the app, full addresses, or GPS coordinates).
  • Your route computing settings and road type avoidance preferences from Menu → Settings → Route Planning.
  • Any other notable piece of information that could influence the calculation of the route, like waypoints (exact locations if you used any), or what maps of countries do you have installed.

Route Calculation Has Failed, Other error

Please report this error in case you experience it and please include all the information as described above about your route, we will need it for further investigation.

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