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Please report any map inaccuracy, whether it is a wrong speed limit, or missing streets, Speed cameras, buildings - anything. We use your reports to continuously improve maps in Sygic. If you'd like to report map errors, please submit a request at the end of this article. Below, you will find what kind of data we need in that case and how to obtain it.

  • The exact location where the error is present on the map. You can do this by sending us an exact address, or GPS Coordinates (if the address is not available) and you will find this information in the Sygic App by selecting the location on the map and then pulling up the location detail screen, which looks like this (it's OK if the road, Place, speed limit etc. is not visible in Sygic yet, first and foremost, we need to know the location of the map error):

Just with the information in the screenshot above, we will be able to locate exactly where the problem is located and start comparing it with our map data provider as well as other sources. You can also copy the GPS coordinates from the bottom of the location details screen to your clipboard by tapping it and then selecting "copy", then paste them in an email or notepad.

If you're not sure how to take a screenshot on your iPhone, please click here

  • Then, we will need a short description of the problem that needs to be fixed - is it a speed limit, address, Point of interest, road, highway, toll road, closure, ferry, etc.
  • If you're reporting an error that is present on or between two or more points, please provide the exact location of all points involved (for example, when reporting a wrong speed limit, we need to know the exact position from and to where the speed limit needs to be updated).
  • When reporting a missing Point of Interest, business, etc., please provide the full name of the business, address and, if they have one, a link to their official website.

You can submit all such error reports via the Submit a request button below.

The more details from the list above you submit, the sooner will we be able to identify and report any map data error. The sooner we find the error, the quicker will we be able to fix it. We thank you in advance for your feedback!

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