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Searching for an Address or GPS coordinates

Creating a route is mainly about finding your destination – the place where you want to go. There are different ways how you can select your destination, which we will cover here. After your destination is selected, the app will calculate a route and begin navigating you.

Selecting a destination from the map

Simply select the destination where you want to go from the displayed map on the main screen. Tap directly on the selected spot and a location marker will appear. At the bottom edge of the screen you will see some information about it, and a button labeled „Get directions“. Pressing that will show you the route which the app calculated to that destination, and the navigating will begin after you tap „Start“.

While browsing the map, especially as you zoom in more, you will notice small round icons with various symbols. These represent the locations of Places such as restaurants, tourist attractions, gas stations, shopping centers, etc. You can also select one of these as your destination by tapping on them, then pressing „Get directions“ to view the route.

Selecting a destination from the Search screen

You will enter the Search screen by tapping on the search bar at the top of the main screen.

Without typing anything into the search bar, the Search screen will show the history of your destinations, to which you have created routes in the past. You can access those with just one tap as well, without typing anything. When you are using the app for the first time, this history list will of course be empty.

To search for a new destination, you can type an address, the name of a Place, or the GPS coordinates into the search bar. It will the provide you with one or more search results, and among those you can choose your destination and get directions to it – thus creating a route.

For our example, let’s assume you are travelling to London and staying at the Belgrave Hotel – full address Clapham Road 139, London, United Kingdom.

Searching by address: you can enter the country, city, street and house number

The fastest way is to enter just the street name and number „clapham 139“, even without the steet type (street, road, avenue, etc.) and then find your exact destination from the results that are shown on the screen.

If you receive too many results that way, you can specify it more by adding the street type and/or city, „clapham road 139“ or „clapham road 139 london“.

The order how you enter it does not matter, so if you’d like, you can also enter the address into the search bar like this “united kingdom london clapham road 139“.

Searching by the name of a Place

If the name of the place you are going to is in our map database, you can search for it that way. For our example, you would just enter „Belgrave hotel“ into the search bar.

Finding the destination in the list of Places

You can tap on the icons underneath the search bar to open a specific category of places, or the 3 dots icon to list all other categories. Tapping on any of those categories will show you a list of places in the specific area, where the Sygic map was centered before you opened the Search screen. Select any specific place from those lists, to be able to get directions to it.

Searching by GPS coordinates

When you know the coordinates of your destination, this can also be entered into the search bar. Coordinates are commonly used in a few different formats.

The first is the degrees, minutes, and seconds format, for example you get coordinates like this - N48°08′35″ E17°07′50″. These could be entered into the search bar without the special characters: N48 8 35 E17 7 50

Another format is Degrees and decimal minutes - N48° 8.583′ E17° 7.833′. Similarly, you would search for it in Sygic without the special characters: N48 8.583 E17 7.833

Lastly, the Decimal degrees format which looks like this: 48.146718 17.132678. You would enter this into Sygic the same way. This format will often not use the letters to mark North/South/West/East. Instead, positive numbers will mean North or East coordinates, and a minus „-“ sign is used at the start of the number if it’s a South or West coordinate.

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