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How to use the Route Planner tool on our website

With this feature you can plan your route in advance using your computer and then send the route to the Sygic app in your mobile device.

Step 1: Visit the website maps.sygic.com and plan your route there

Next to the search bar, click on the blue circle with the turn arrow (picture 1), which will open the Route Planner sidebar. Search or click on the map to first choose the starting point and then the destination. Optionally, you can add further waypoints which you will want to pass through along your route.
Lastly, just click on the option “Send to GPS Navigation” (picture 2) and fill out your email address, confirm it by clicking Send (picture 3). You will receive an email message, containing a link which opens the route in the Sygic app.

Step 2: Open the link from the email message in your mobile device

On your mobile device where you have the Sygic app installed, open the email message which you received, and tap on the blue button “Start Navigation”. The Sygic app will start and show you a preview of the route, simply tap “Start” to go straight into navigation mode.

When you are tapping the button in the email, if your current location is not nearby the starting point which you planned on the website, the app will display a dialogue box giving you two options how to proceed:

Skip starting point - to ignore the starting point which was set on the website, and just keep any further waypoints and the destination.
Keep starting point - if you want to drive to that starting point first, it will be added as the first waypoint.


The route shown by the Sygic app is different than the one I saw on the website.
This is not a bug and it can happen. The website and the app have their own routing algorithms. What will be copied exactly are the points of the route: starting point, waypoints (if set), and destination.

A road or address is shown on the website, but missing from the app.
The website uses an online map with data from a different source than our app. Please report missing or wrong map data in the app via this article: Map data is outdated.

The route in the app has a longer travel time than on the website.
The website does not include traffic into the time calculations, while the app will consider traffic if you have this service activated.

Something went wrong and I could not plan the route, or open it through the Sygic app.
If you would encounter any issues when using the Route Planner or opening the route with the Sygic app, please contact us by clicking the "Submit a request" button below and describe the problem as closely as possible.

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