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How to use Sygic offline - without using internet data?

Sygic continues to be the most advanced offline navigation app, with whole maps being stored in the user's device, and a wide variety of navigation features from which most can be used offline, without using any internet data at all.

Mobile internet data is becoming more accessible and affordable for many people, but most of us are still limited by how much we can use per month. Also, when travelling to another country, we may not have access to mobile data at all, or will not want to use any data at all due to high cost.

Here is a list of actions and features in Sygic, which do require an internet connection. Everything else that you don’t see here, will work offline.

Downloading maps or voices – downloading maps in our app’s menu → Maps, or additional voices in menu → Settings → Regional Preferences → Voice → Manage voices.
Using Sygic Store/activating purchases – buying additional licenses, add-ons, or activating products purchased in the past, which is all done in the app’s menu → Sygic Store
Signing in to the app – the option to Sign in to the app is right at the top of the menu. Please note that you don’t need to sign in to use the app.
Using iCloud to backup and restore your app data – this feature is available in the app’s menu → Settings → Cloud service
Viewing the Street View image - in the location detail options, you can view the Google Street View image (may not be available in all countries)

These first five instances when you need an internet connection, can be done while you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network at home or another place. Under normal circumstances you will not need to do them while you are out on the road, travelling and navigating.

The other four that are listed below, are features that get used most often while you are on the road, so for these you would need to have mobile internet data turned on while you are using Sygic outside or in the car:

Traffic – information about traffic jams and road closures is loaded into the app from a live online database, and refreshed every few minutes
Fuel prices/parking prices – in countries where this price data is available, it will only be loaded and shown in the gas station and parking lot details when an internet connection is available
Online speed cameras – these are mobile speed camera locations reported by users, which goes to an online database. Unless these mobile speed cameras are reported again, they will only exist and be shown for a few hours before being removed, since by then it is very likely that they have been moved elsewhere. Permanently installed static speed cameras exist in a separate, offline database, and don’t require an internet connection.
Voice search - an internet connection is required for voice input in some cases

Together, these last four features should use no more than a few megabytes of data per hour while our app is open.

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