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How to add a Waypoint to your route?

  1. If we want to add Waypoint to a route, we need to set up a route from our current location to desired location. Put target destination into the Search bar.
  2. After selecting suitable route, press Start to begin navigation.
  3. On the active navigation screen, open up the Quick menu using 3-dots icon at the bottom right part of the screen.
  4. After opening the Quick menu, there will be Search bar available at the top of the screen. Tapping into the Search bar will give us possibility to type in the name of a waypoint, or select any entry from the History or Favorites.
  5. After selecting the desired waypoint, on the next screen we can Add that waypoint into current route.
  6. The app will inform us with short notification that the waypoint was successfully added into the current route.
  7. Zooming out on the map, we can confirm if the waypoint was really added into to the current route.

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