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Searching for an Address or GPS coordinates

  1. Type just the street address (with or without number) or GPS coordinates into search bar on the top of the screen in map browsing mode.

    Please note: You can type GPS coordinates using decimal degrees format, or degrees, minutes and seconds. For example - Decimal degrees: 48.146718 17.132678; Degrees and minutes: N48 8 35 E17 7 50. You don't need to enter any special symbols for the coordinates, just enter spaces and the search will find them.

  2. Our full-text search engine will provide you with results based on your search term (streets, places, shops, banks, etc.). Please select one you wish to navigate to and tap on it. To start navigating choose the option Get directions.
  3. A route or multiple alternative routes (max. 3) to chosen destination are highlighted on the map in blue color. Tap Start button to start navigating.
  4. Active navigation screen will appear.

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Navigating to Favorites / Contacts

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