Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS

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Trouble Acquiring GPS Position

Your device may lose GPS signal under any of the following conditions:

  • The device is in a building, tunnel or at a location where signals from the GPS satellites are obstructed by buildings, trees, electric cables or other objects.
  • Device system settings may be set incorrectly
  • On a smartphone/tablet device the Location services are turned off
  • Product settings may be set incorrectly
  • The assisted location data from mobile networks are overloaded

If your device can’t determine your current position you will be offered the following options:

  • Select from map (Allows you to select any starting point for the route calculation).
  • Last valid position (Your route will be calculated from your last known position).
  • Search (Type address of your current position manually).

To solve the issue please perform a few steps in the following order:

  • Make sure the Location services are enabled in your device for our application via iOS Settings -> Privacy -> Location services.
    Our application needs to be enabled under these services as well.
  • If the issue persist, please download GPS Status application from the Appstore. If GPS status fails to recognize the signal, it is possible that your unit is damaged. When you will be able to catch the signal in GPS Status app, please send us the screenshot of results as a support ticket for further investigation.

Trouble Downloading Maps

  • Check the size of selected maps via Sygic app > Menu > Manage maps. Make sure you have sufficient free space available on your device.
  • Try to connect to a wireless network and make sure no firewall/antivirus is blocking the connection. Also reboot the WiFi router and your mobile device.

Freezing, Crashing or Black Screen

Please uninstall the application and install it again from AppStore.
If light reinstall would not be helpful, please contact our Customer Care team by submitting a ticket.

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