Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS - Regional apps

Regional paid Premium app without trial option.

Troubleshooting (missing Favorites, cannot restore, etc.)

My favourites keep dissapearing/I cannot save favourites/Home location etc.

It is possible that something went wrong during back up and restore with Dropbox/iCloud and a corrupted or blank file is overwritting your new favorites. Please, delete data from your Dropbox/iCloud. After this, you should be able to save new favorites/home/imported POIs etc.

I cannot back up and restore data between my devices using iCloud/Dropbox

Turn off back up and restore in Sygic settings > Cloud options and delete all data on iCloud/Dropbox storage. Then enable back up and restore in the app settings.

I lost all my favorites

If you lost all your favorites and you cannot restore them from Dropbox/iCloud, we are sorry, but it seems your favorites are lost.

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How to delete data from iCloud/Dropbox?

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