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Regional paid Premium app without trial option.


Cockpit - that’s three powerful tools that show you the real-time performance of your car.

  • GPS Based Speedometer - will show you your true speed accurately (mph/kmh)
  • Accelerometer - will measure the G force while you drive and help you drive economically
  • Lateral acceleration - will show you the incline and tilt of the vehicle

HOW TO BUY Cockpit?

You can buy the Cockit as an in-app purchase by following these quick steps (they are very similar to buying a Premium license from the app):

  1. Go to Menu → Sygic Store
  2. Select Cockpit
  3. Press the Shopping cart icon
  4. Complete your purchase

HOW TO USE Cockpit?

  1. Right after purchase you can find this addon directly in your Dashboard, as a widget.
  2. After launching Cockpit, pop-up screen will inform you to mount your device into holder. Your vehicle should be stationary, on a level road without steep inclines.
  3. Cockpit will be automatically calibrated and you are ready to use it!

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