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Why is Sygic not launching, crashing, freezes

First of all, we're sorry that you experience this kind of behavior in the app. This interactive article covers all of the basic troubleshooting steps that help in resolving situations like this.

If you get a system message while the app runs that the app is not responding or that it stopped working, please report this using the "Report" option from the system error message.

Please note that just sending that feedback form from your phone will not result in directly contacting us - the data is collected by Google's developer console and anonymized (basically, it means we cannot identify who sent the data about that crash or when the app was not responding). If you would like to contact us directly with this information, please follow the steps in our guide and submit a ticket if none of the steps helped.

Below is a quick interactive guide to help you troubleshoot this kind of issue. Simply click the "No" button beneath it after performing the steps to proceed with additional troubleshooting steps:

1. Force close the app

Please go to your device Settings (step 1) → Apps (step 2)(please note that every Android system, depending on the manufacturer of the device, may have a different layout or way to access the Application manager) and find Sygic (step 3). Select force stop (step 4). This should make sure that there is no process running in the background that makes the app crash or freeze.

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2. Please turn your device off and on again.

This is to ensure that the crash is not caused by some random or minor system error.

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3. Can you run the app and access the settings?

If you cannot access the settings, just press "No". If you can access them, please go to the Sygic app menu (step 1) → Settings (step 2) → Menu in the top right corner of the screen (step 3) and select "Reset to defaults" (step 4). This should make sure that there is no particular setting in the app causing the crash.

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4. Is the app installed in internal memory, or SD card?

If your device doesn't support SD cards, just press "No". If your device supports SD cards, please try removing it the card from your device. If it helps resolve the issue, then the SD card was the cause of the issue. Based on the cause of the problem, the steps below may help resolve it:

  1. Try a different SD card. If the card has an internal fault, you will most likely be forced to do this, but it usually fixes the issue.
  2. You can try formatting it (in which case you will lose all data stored on it - please back it up prior to that on a computer or other memory medium).
  3. Try searching for a Sygic folder on your SD card, or a com.sygic.aura folder. (you can do so by using the default Android system "Files" app (on Samsung devices, it is called "My files", it may be called differently on other phone manufacturer systems), launch the app, press the search button usually located in the top right corner and enter sygic). If one is present, please, remove it (you can alternatively back it up on another hard drive on a pc if you'd like, there may be some data we can help you with then, like stored favorite locations).

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5. Please perform a full application reinstall.

As the very last resort, please consider reinstalling the app. Notice that this step will lead to the loss of your personal data in the app (favorites, saved routes, etc.) if you don't back it up. The location of your personal data is located beneath the reinstall guide.

Reinstall guide
The Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app for Android can be reinstalled simply by uninstalling the application via the Google Play store or through your phone settings>applications. Once done, you can install the application via the Google Play store again.

  1. Run the Google Play store app
  2. Go to Menu > List of your apps
  3. Find Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
  4. Press "Uninstall"
  5. Press "Install"

If you would like to back up your maps, Favorites or other personal data, please copy the following files and folders to other folder in your phone memory, or transfer them to your PC:
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Maps/ - The maps are stored here
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Res/db/items.dat - Your saved favorite locations
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Res/itinerary/ - Saved routes
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Res/travelbook/ - Travel book data

Once you reinstall the app and are sure that the app is working now, copy the backed up data back into these folders.

Did this help you to solve your issue?

Thank you for using our interactive guide, we're happy to hear the issue is now resolved. Have a nice day and safe travels with your Sygic!

6. It's still not working

If neither of the steps in this interactive guide helped in resolving the issue, please contact us with the following data (the more data you can give us, the sooner will we be able to fix the issue), so that we may effectively assist you in resolving them:

  • Your device model on which this crashing occurs.
  • Which Android OS version are you currently running on it.
  • Sygic App version (you will find this information in Menu → Settings → Information → About, or in the Android system's Application manager → Sygic window).
  • Device code (again, you will find this information in Menu → Settings → Information → About).
  • Exact or approximate time and date the app crashed or stopped responding.
  • How often does the crash repeat/crash frequency.
  • Was an active internet connection present when the app crashed?

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