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Getting position - position not updating, GPS issues

Sometimes the app will display that it's trying to acquire your position. This usually doesn't take long, but you might experience difficulties given certain circumstances. Your device may not be able to locate you under any of the conditions below:

  • The device is in a building, tunnel or at a location where signals from the GPS satellites are obstructed by other solid objects. Since GPS signals don't penetrate solid objects, it does take a while longer for the signal to reach you. Therefore, any troubleshooting of GPS-related issues needs to be done outside, under the clear sky without any buildings or such solid objects in the way.
  • If you turn off your location services in device settings. This setting needs to be enabled at all times when using a GPS Navigation app.
  • The assisted location data (A-GPS) from mobile networks are overloaded, corrupt, or not updating. This issue in particular may cause the app to take longer when acquiring your position (which would otherwise be done immediately).
  • You are standing still. While standing still, the location is represented by a certain circle representing the accuracy of your current position. When you start movin and the location services determine your direction, the system calculates a more accurate position based on this bearing (usually represented by speed, direction, and approximate location). This is why GPS is more accurate while on the move.

Below is a quick interactive guide to help you troubleshoot this kind of issue. Simply click the "No" button beneath it after performing the steps to proceed with additional troubleshooting steps:

1. Please turn your device off and on again.

As basic as it is, it is also the most effective method to rule out minor system errors.

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2. Force stop and clear cache.

Go to your device's Android settings > Apps > Sygic > Force stop, Then under Storage in the same section select Clear Cache.

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3. Reset to defaults

Please go to Menu → Settings → Menu in the top right corner of the screen and Reset to defaults. This will effectively reset all your settings in the app, but won't affect your data. Restart the app afterwards.

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4. Measure GPS Signal reception strength

In most cases, the steps above resolve most known cases of difficulties acquiring your GPS position. In the event none of them were helpful, we would recommend installing an app measuring GPS signal reception. For instance, you could download the GPS Status app which can help identify a potential Hardware fault. This app can also help in case the A-GPS data are corrupt, as mentioned above, too. We do not recommend referring to online apps, like Google Maps, as a source of GPS signal accuracy, because it utilizes network location, which works differently when compared to standard GPS.

  • You can measure the GPS signal reception strength (your position, bearing, amount of fixed satelites and more). The app should locate you just as quickly as Sygic can.
  • Please make sure you perform the GPS test outside, under the clear sky without any buildings or anything in the way.
  • If the app can't locate you either, then you can still try resetting the A-GPS cache. This can be done by tapping the screen once to display the top bar, then click the Menu button in the top left corner of the screen. From the Menu, select manage A-GPS state and then Reset.
  • Sygic should then be able to locate you just as quickly as the GPS Status app.

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5. Consider hardware fault.

You might want to consider contacting the seller or manufacturer of your mobile device for repair if the GPS Status & Toolbox app shows inaccurate signal after all that.

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6. Full app reinstall

It is also possible that all previous steps worked only for GPS status app and Sygic still can't locate you - in that case, as a last resort, please perform a full app reinstall as described below:

Sygic GPS Navigation app for Android can be reinstalled simply by uninstalling the application via the Google Play store or through your phone settings>applications. Once done, you can install the application via the Google Play store again.

Tap on "Uninstall"

Tap on "Install"

If you would like to back up your maps, Favorites or other personal data, please copy the following files and folders to other folder in your phone memory, or transfer them to your PC:
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Maps/ - The maps are stored here
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Res/db/items.dat - Your saved favorite locations
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Res/itinerary/ - Saved routes
Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Res/travelbook/ - Travel book data

Once you reinstall the app, copy the backed up data back into these folders.

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Thank you for using our interactive guide, we're happy to hear the issue is now resolved. Have a nice day and safe travels with your Sygic!

If neither of the steps in this interactive guide helped in resolving the issue, please contact us with the following data attached in the ticket form:

  1. Screenshot from both the Sygic where we can see the GPS signal is inaccurate
  2. Screenshot from the GPS Status app with the results of GPS signal reception.

This data is essential for further support.

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