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Playing voice instructions when your phone is connected with the car (Bluetooth)

Most cars offer the driver the possibility to connect their phones via Bluetooth. This directs audio from the phone to play through the car’s speakers.

Pairing your phone to the car

In your Android phone, go to its Settings and search for the Bluetooth option. It may be found under differently labeled categories, based on Android version and the manufacturer of the phone. After you find the Bluetooth option and tap on it, you’ll see a list of already paired devices or be able to pair a new device. In the picture below, we’ll want to connect to the first Skoda car. You can tap on the cogwheel icon next to it to view more options. Make sure that all available options are enabled (Phone calls, Media audio, etc…) to have the greatest chance of the Bluetooth connection working properly.

Note: In some vehicles, you need to start the pairing process directly in the car’s infotainment system. Please check the user guide you received with your vehicle.

Settings in Sygic

After you connect to the paired device (car) via Bluetooth, if you are still having trouble getting the voice instructions and sounds from our Sygic GPS Navigation app to play through your car’s speakers, below we will cover the various options in our app’s Settings which you can use.
To access the available options, please open Sygic and tap on its top left menu icon ☰. Then select Settings → Notifications and Sounds, and Bluetooth will be the last option on that screen (scroll down if you don’t see it initially).

You will be presented with 3 modes to choose from:

  1. Always play on phone speaker (experimental) – with this option selected, we will try to bypass the Bluetooth connection and force the Sygic voice instruction and sounds to play from the phone speakers. This option will unfortunately not work on all phones, so even if you select it, the sounds might play from the car speakers.
  2. Play over Bluetooth – this option will play the Sygic voice instructions and sounds through Bluetooth using a more modern A2DP profile, same as media streaming i.e. music playback.
  3. Play as Bluetooth phone call - this option will play the Sygic voice instructions and sounds through Bluetooth using an HFP profile, simulating a phone call being made. With this option you can use the slider to set a different delay, in case the beginning or end of the Sygic voice instructions will be getting cut off.

Which of the last two options for playback using Bluetooth should be selected? Here are some tips:

• If you are playing music in your car from the FM radio, CD player, USB stick, or SD card, then you will need to select the “Play as Bluetooth phone call” option, the voice instructions for navigating will not otherwise come through to interrupt the music playback.

• If you are playing music in your car directly from the Bluetooth connected phone, for example using Spotify, then select the option “Play over Bluetooth

• In some cars, especially older models, their infotainment systems might not support the A2DP Bluetooth profile. In that case the “Play as Bluetooth phone call” options must be selected in our app.

Other connections

Besides Bluetooth, another connectivity option for cars which is becoming very popular in modern cars is Android Auto. At this time, if you do connect your phone with your car using Android Auto, Sygic unfortunately cannot be used.
Including Android Auto support in our app is something we have been very interested in since that technology was first introduced. We could not implement it yet because Google who owns it, is keeping this technology unavailable for all other navigation developers. Only Google Maps and Waze (which is also owned by Google) can use this technology right now. Our developers will be prepared to begin working on it as soon as Google makes Android Auto accessible.

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