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How to import external custom POI to Sygic?

The terms “Places”, “Points of Interest”, or “POIs”, all refer to the same thing. They are locations on the map marked with an icon, which represent all kinds of places: restaurants, stores, hotels, attractions, parks, gas stations, and many other categories. An extensive database of Places is included in the map data of our Sygic app.

We also made it possible for users to import more groups of Places from free sources on the internet like POI Plaza, POI Handler, and many other sites.

If you don’t find Places you wanted neither in Sygic, or on any website dedicated to them, there is also the option of creating your own list of places. This is a more complicated process, so for this option we prepared a separate article which you can read here.

Please note: Importing Places into our app is a task which at the very least requires copying files into your handheld device and creating a new folder in a specific location. Make sure you are comfortable with doing such actions before you proceed.

Adding Places to Sygic GPS Navigation

What types of files containing lists of Places can be imported into the Sygic app?

Our app will accept a file with the .upi or .rupi file extension. You can download such files from sites like POI Plaza, or others that offer Places specifically for our Sygic navigation app.
Together with the .upi/.rupi file, you will need to import a corresponding icon, which has to be a .bmp picture file. This icon will be used to mark your Places on the map in Sygic.

File requirements for import:
• The .upi/.rupi file must contain Places for just one country. It is not possible to have Places from multiple countries in one .upi or .rupi file, otherwise the import into our app would fail.
• The name of the icon (.bmp file) and of the Places file (.upi) must be exactly the same e.g. “UK-Pharmacy.upi” and “UK-Pharmacy.bmp”
• The icon (.bmp file) should be in a square format e.g. 100x100 px. If the icon is too big or too small, it will be adjusted automatically.
• The icon must be in either 8bit (256 color) or 32bit .bmp format, all other color formats (e.g. 4bit, 16bit, 24bit) will be rejected during the import process and the app will show an error message.

How to import Places to Sygic GPS Navigation for Android

Copy the .rupi and .bmp files you have into the /Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Maps/import folder in your portable Android device. This destination path will be the same whether you installed Sygic onto the internal memory or the SD card.

Note: When it is your first time importing Places, there will not be a folder called “import” yet, and you will need to create it there. Make sure to enter the "import" folder name in lowercase letters.

Once the above is done, launch the Sygic GPS Navigation app. A message will pop-up to inform you that new files for import were detected. Tap on the import option and the app will start displaying the list of places from the .rupi file on the map.

Can I set an audible warning for my custom places

Unfortunately, you cannot. This feature may become available in the future though.

Known issues

Since version 17.1, imported places do not appear among search results of the main search bar.
On the search screen, you can tap the 3 dots icon just below the search bar to show a list of all Place categories. The category "Custom places" will show all the places you imported, and includes its own search bar for searching only among them.

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