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How to add waypoints?

Waypoints are locations, that you want to go through along your route before you reach your destination.
You can add just one, or multiple waypoints to your route. There are a few different options for how you can select the waypoints:

On the Route Selection screen

After you have selected the destination, but before you start navigating with the route, you see the Route Selection screen. Here you can add another point to the route by pressing the "Add stop" option, which takes you to the search screen again and the next selected/found location will be added to the route. The order of points on the route can be changed by dragging the lines with the 2 horizontal lines on their right side.

Another method of selecting a waypoint on the route selection screen is by tapping on any location directly over the displayed map, and then keep holding your finger on the screen. After about 1-2 seconds, a grey location marker will appear and you can move your finger to place it where you want the waypoint to be. When you let go, the grey marker's location will be added to your route and it will automatically recalculate to include it. You can zoom in and move around in the map before you use this method, to be better able to accurately place the waypoint marker.

After the route is started, in navigation mode

There you can select a waypoint in two ways:

  • Searching for the waypoint. Open the quick menu by tapping the 3 dots icon in the lower right corner of the map, and then you can either tap on the Add waypoint option, or on the Search bar at the top. Find your intended waypoint, select it and press the „Add as waypoint“ button.
  • Selecting it on the map. In navigation mode, you can also drag/swipe the map around and zoom in/out of it. When you find the location where you want your waypoint, tap on it to make a location marker appear, and at the bottom of the screen you will see an information bar about that place as well as an "Add as waypoint" button. After the waypoint was added, you can return to the normal navigation mode view by pressing the "Re-center" button.

Cancelling a waypoint
You can always cancel the next waypoint on your route and continue to the next one, or to your destination, by opening the Quick menu with the 3 dots icon in the bottom right corner of the map, and selecting the option „Remove next waypoint“.

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